Scams on Social Media – Protect yourself #2

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Well, nowadays we live in a connected world where is very hard to imagine communication without the most popular social media networks. Using social media we can easily make communication with anyone and do our job as well. But except the Good side, all these networks have the Dark Side or somebody that will try to trick you or even worse. Unfortunately, out there we have many victims of social media scams who are tricked.

Here we have some social media scams:

  • Profile Hijacking

Facebook profile hijacking is using a fake profile and details of real people, like their photo, occupation and hometown to set up profiles like their personal and pretending to be that person. Another version of this scam is hacking into an existing profile changing the password and using that profile like trusted profile for scams.

The scammers can use the profile to ask for money ( ex. They lost their wallet and need money to get home, or need a donation because they are sick and need medicine ). Do not believe in everything you get in your social media message until you check out.

  • Gambling Schemes

We often get messages like ” Hello, How are you and they tell you that they win the lottery “their story is that they win but to collect the winning first they need to do a payment but he don’t have enough money and they will ask you to borrow them like 200$ or more. Also, we have a scam like they have the winning combination for lottery or sport bets and you need to pay for the combination but at the end you never get the combination and if you get probably it is not the right one.

  • Chain message hoaxes

These messages were in Snapchat, the messages were about that something terrible is going to happen on your memories ex. photos or videos, they say that they will be deleted and you need to share with your friend, also we have messages like your nude photos will be shared all over the Snapchat. Those messages are made to look official because cybercriminals create those messages in that way to look like its sent from official Snapchat account. Check the messages twice.

  • Money – Flipping

Money flipping is a growing financial scam on Instagram and other social media, scammers they go on that they will try to convince you to make a big investment. They will offer you to invest your money in a business model and ” you will get a double of your money” from the sources we know that scammers often is targeting military members. We know that military personnel often making overseas cash transfers and military specific banks have faster transactions and larger limits for their costumers.

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